Peace at Last.

By 4pm, I have one eye on the squabbling tired out children and one eye on the wine that is chilling in the fridge, ready for ‘me time’. I’m stirring the dinner, urging my eldest to read to me at the kitchen table, juggling soapy dishes and running baths but all the while, I have a secret smile, because I know that bed time is nearly upon us! You see, I mystically forget the troubles of the night before as I long for the moment I whisper, “peace at last”.

7.30pm – bedtime. The girls seem to be playing tag team, the bathroom is now a magical place they just can’t keep away from, But their mouths are apparently dryer than the Sahara desert and they just can’t wait for the morning to tell me that, and I quote, “My new favourite colour is purple mummy!”. “That’s lovely sweety but no more talk, it’s bedtime.” I smile lovingly through gritted teeth, for the fifth time in 30 minutes.

I may of had plans of facials/pedicures, reading a good book or watching an old movie but guaranteed that by 9pm, I am sprawled out on the sofa ready for bed and ‘me time’ consists of putting on my favourite, most unflattering pj’s and deciding my facial can wait for tomorrow. The joys 🙂


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