Ahh Sunday: The day of rest. part1.

There’s no good time to go back to work after you’ve had children and that’s exactly what I’ve found out this week. I started and stopped this blog in April, at the time I was doing beauty treatments from my home in my little bungalow, which is in the the middle of nowhere and I reached a point where I felt ready to push myself to make some money from my small business. I had realised the brutal truth that I had spent more on equipment and products than I had made and so needed to get serious. I came up with offers and promotions, started selling beauty products and handed out brand new sparkly business cards. I practised pretty nail designs on my two children (much to their amusement as they wriggled in fits of laughter), I practised on family, friends and on nail rings when my youngest had her session at pre-school. So what went wrong?

I put in the work, I had already picked my self up after each and every failure and tried to do better but somehow, putting a whole day aside to do one treatment in the afternoon or evening, just wasn’t enough to make it succeed. Sometimes this happens in life and there comes a point where you have to decide to keep on pushing or to just let it rest. I finally decided to let it rest this summer.

Maybe i’ll come back to my beauty business again one day, just like I have come back to this blog on this Sunday evening. Either way, for now, my goals and priorities have changed and after my youngest started in reception class this September, I find myself on the dreaded job hunt!

Looking for work, or, job hunting as I like to refer to it (as for some reason I tend to think of cavemen and women beating opponents with sharp sticks and throwing rocks at twigs disguised as sausages, not sure why?) but it can mean a lot of different things to different people. Even if we narrow it down to what this means to a parent, still, it means a lot of different things to each and every one of us. This week I realised the specifics in my new found prioritys, for instance the hours that are realistic for me to work with a 6 and 4 year old, the distance I can travel, the amount of hours with my children I’m willing to hand over to childminders and the amount of money I am able to pay… Before I had this brainwave I had false hopes, falls and rises, hopes and dreams that just were not and are not in the slightest bit praticle but I also have ended up with a new found sense of patience and not the mummy kind, I mean a new kind, like suddenly realising after years of cleaning poo stained pants and bogeys of of walls that you really are now a real proper adult kind. Which was hard at first, my pride from failing my small business hurt and it felt damn right depressing every time I tripped over the beauty equipment clogging up my already small home but I think I have got there in the end, which is good.

Tomorrow will be a funny day, I will be child free for some of it and so I’m looking forward to getting home at 9.15, making myself a coffee, putting on my slippers and writing about the week I had on my blog: Coffeetoddlersandadog 🙂


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